CR914 Clinic

 Get all the go fast tips from Dave Ramos

Class will include:
  • Hands on boat set up tips
  • Adjusting tips for fast performance
  • Go fast racing tips
  • Model boat strategy AND tactics

Ramos with something not a CR914
David Ramos started sailing at the age of 7 and became interested in RC Sailing at the age of 17 with EC12 Meters. After studying Mechanical Engineering and Small Craft Design he went on to a career in the marine industry starting with Hunter Marine and eventually ending up in Annapolis working over three years for Bruce Farr and Assoc. After leaving Farr and Assoc., David soon became partners with Tom Harsh of Trident Studio/The Scale Model Co. and for two years learned the art and craft of producing finely crafted scale half hulls. During this time, David experimented with designing RC boats for the One Meter and Marblehead development classes of the American Model Yachting Association.
In 1998 David was introduced to the One Design Class CR-914 and shortly thereafter started building CR-914s for local sailors that lacked the skill or time to build the boat themselves.  In 1998 David started his own company, Chesapeake Performance Models, and in 1999 in order to meet the growing demand of CR-914 owners what was once a part time venture, developed into a full time business . David has built boats for people all over the US, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, and Europe. He has also built CR-914’s for the Whitbread Syndicates, EF Language, Chessie Racing and then Volvo Syndicates, News Corp, AmeriaSports One and Two, Tyco, Illbroke and the latest Volvos MoviStar, Pirates, and Ericsson. CPM is the official model maker for the America True America’s Cup Syndicate and is currently working on projects for the VOLVO Ocean Race. and Americas Cup.
In 2010 David purchased the tooling and rights to the CR-914 and is now the world wide Mfg and distributor for the CR-914, approved Mfg. of the EC12 Meter, J Class Shamrock V, Santa Barbara and Star45 class.
David is an active RC racer in the CR-914, EC12 Meter J Class and Star 45 Classes .
His performance to date is hard to match in the RC sailing community. He is the 1999 CR-914 National Champion finished 2nd at the 914 Nationals for the next 6yrs in a row and broke his Brides Maid tradition by winning the 2007, 2008 and 2011 National titles. He is a six time winner of the CR-914 Spring Invitational Regatta one of the largest one design regattas in the country with other wins in the 914 class at the regional and local level.
In the EC12 Meter class David has an impressive record finishing in the running for the National Championship title. 
2002 5th Place
2003 6th Place
2004 8th Place 
2005 9th Place
2006 3rd Place
2007 5th Place
2008 8th Place
2009 2nd Place
2010 2nd Place
2011 5th Place
2012 National Champion ("At Last")
EC12 Meter Champions Regatta held in Charleston is one of the premier RC Regattas in the country. This invitation only regatta has the top 20 sailors in the country compete together at one time. Results -
2008 2nd Place
2009 3rd Place
Champions WINNER in 2011
2012 5th Place
2013 4th Place
David has numerous wins and top three finishes at the regional and local level and is a three time winner of the Region II Colonial Cup.
In the Star 45 class David finished 1st at the "07 Star 45 National championships his first Star 45 Regatta. Good friend Chuck Luscomb won the 2008 Star 45 National Championship with a Star 45 that David finished 10 min prior to the start of the regatta. In 2012 David made a dramatic comeback from 5th place at the end of day one by scoring 8 first place finishes on the second day taking the 2012 Star 45 National championships for the second time. In 2013 the Nationals were held in Dayton OH and David was able to hold on to a day one lead to defend his National Champion Title now a three time winner
In 2011 David and Chuck Luscomb teamed up to win first place the J Class National Championships in Mystic, CT in a newly finished CPM Shamrock V. In 2012 David traveled to Detroit MI for the J Boat National Championship and finished 2nd. in 2013 the J Class Nationals were held again back in Mystic CT and David won the National Title for the second time and the first time solo.