2014 NCR SI

2014 CR 914
November 1st & 2nd, 2014
Greater Tulsa Model Yacht Club

Ver 0.2 (6/2014)
1. Rules
1.1     The 2013 – 2016 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) including Appendix E and the rules of the CR914 Class will govern the event except as noted in section 1.2 of these Sailing Instructions.
1.2     The RRS and class rules are amended as follows:
a) Rule 2 Fair Sailing. Sailors will exhibit sportsman like behavior at all times during this regatta. Any sailor deemed to be in violation of Rule 2 may be issued a warning from the Race Committee. If the competitor’s unacceptable behavior continues, the Race Committee may request that present members of the Class AdCom rule to disqualify the competitor from the race with a DSQ or further participation in the regatta.
b) Rule 31. Boats may hit marks without penalty except the starting and finishing marks when starting or finishing.
(1) Rule E1.3a is modified to read, add to the definition Interested party “but not a competitor when acting as an observer or as a member of the protest committee.”
c) Rule E4.2 (b) Outside Help(Appendix E). Boats aground or entangled may be freed by anyone.
d) Rule E4.5 (b) is amended to read: While ashore or at the waters edge, boats may be adjusted, drained, repaired, have entangled objects removed and or battery’s changed. They are not allowed however to: relocate batteries or; change, reef, or un-reef sails during the regatta. A damaged sail may be replaced with the approval of the RC. A back-up/spare boat, that has been measured, may be used to replace a damaged boat with the approval of the Race Committee prior to sailing in their next scheduled race. 
e) Scoring Rule 11. If protested by another competitor, you may choose to do the following: clear and complete a penalty turn, at the earliest opportunity, consisting of one tack and jibe or, before you exit the water you alert the RC that you would like to retire from that race. You will receive a DNF/RAF, which can be thrown out OR, you can proceed to the protest hearing and if found at fault, you will be awarded a DSQ which cannot be thrown out.                                                   
f) Protests Rule 61. There will be no on course discussions of protests. A boat shall twice hail protest, its sail number and the sail number of the protested boat. The protested boat may respond that he will or not do a penalty turn. No further dialogue is permitted.  A competitor intending to protest another competitor must inform the RC immediately following the relevant race. A protest form is not required. The protest hearing will be conducted using the “three minute format”. One minute for the person lodging the protest to be heard, one minute for the offending boat to rebut and one minute for the committee to issue their findings. The finding of the protest committee is final and cannot be appealed.
g) Redress. RRS E5.5 is amended;: Entanglement shall be 5 seconds or longer to qualify for redress; Scoring for redress shall be the average of points of all races completed at the time of the redress event. Request for redress by the Race Committee will be addressed following the race in which the event occurred.
h) Bow bumpers are required in order to compete. Type and design are limited to those approved by the class and will be available from CPM at registration as well as during the event.
i)All boats will be measured to ensure compliance with the class rules and a copy of the official measurement form is shown for reference on the regatta website. 
j) A five minute hold may be requested by a competitor who is unable to make it to the starting line. One hold request is allowed per competitor per day. The request must be made to and acknowledged by the RC before the starting sequence for that race has begun. You may attempt to repair your boat and rejoin the race if possible.
2. Entry
To be eligible to race, competitors must be CR914 owners in good standing in the class, members of the AMYA , have completed and submitted an official entry form with all fees paid and boats must comply with the class rules as designated on the official measurement form. The local fleet entrants may be limited by the fleet officers and the Regatta Co-Chairmen.
3. Format
3.1 The Regatta will start with a non scoring tune up race and will be followed Fleet Racing throughout the Regatta.  The non scoring regatta finishing positions will determine seeding positions.  

3.2 If there are 21 or more entries we expect to have multiple fleets using the “Heat Management System” or HMS (HMS 2013). In the HMS format, each race is run in multiple heats. At the end of each heat, boats are promoted/relegated based on their finish position. The number of boats promoted/relegated (referred to as N in the following) after each heat will be announced the RC at the skippers meeting on race day. The number N will remain constant for the entire regatta. Promotion of the top N boats in each heat and the relegation of the bottom N boats in each heat will begin and continue to the completion of racing.  4.1 will apply of HMS is used.

3.3 IF there is 20 or less entries then no heat system will be used.  4.2 will apply if HMS is not used.     

4. Scoring
4.1 The Heat Management System (HMS 2013, http://www.theamya.org/resources/prorelsys.php http://www.leevalleymyc.org.uk/downloads.html) will be used for the entire regatta. The first race will be seeded based on the non scoring tune up race. The first race will count in the final score and may be discarded. Discarded races will be allowed based on the schedule in 4.4

4.2 The Low Point System described in Appendix A shall be used if .  Discarded races will be allowed based on the schedule in 4.4

4.3 5 races are required to be completed to constitute a regatta.
4.4 Discards
1 after race 4 
2 after race 10 
3 after race 19 
Add one for every additional 9 races 

5. Control Area
The control area is unrestricted.
6. The Courses
6.1 The courses will be windward-leeward with an offset mark at the windward end and a gate at the leeward end. The starting line will be located upwind of the leeward gate and the finishing line will be located downwind of the windward/offset marks. There will be three basic courses: (1) windward-leeward once around; (2) windward leeward twice around and (3) a one and one half lap windward leeward. The courses will be discussed at the skippers meeting and you will be audibly notified before the start of each race of the course configuration.
6.2 Course, race number will be announced by the RC prior to the start of each sequence.
6.3 The windward offset mark will be greater than four boat lengths from the weather mark and it will have its own ROW zone. Both weather marks are to be rounded to port.  The leeward end gate will be wider than eight boat lengths’ each have its own ROW zone, and rounding will be from inside to outside of the gate. All mark rules apply between 2 boats until both have left the mark.

7. Marks
The start/finish Marks will be Yellow or White buoys. The Windward rounding Marks will be Red or Green buoys (announced prior to each race with corresponding flag.) The leeward gate Marks will be Orange.  The Principal Race Officer may make verbal course changes during the regatta.  
8. Launching
Skippers may launch and receive from any location. 
9. Starting
The starting line is on the course side of the start marks. If a boat is OCS (on course side) of the starting line after the one minute countdown begins or before the start signal, the competitor must go around either end of the starting line before returning to the starting area. Competitors failing to observe this rule will be awarded an OCS at the start signal and must round either end of the starting line before starting to remove the OCS. 
10. Finishing / Recovery
The finish line is on the course side of the finishing marks. If a competitor re-crosses the finish line the RC may elect to award that finishing position. A recovery dock will be placed slightly to weather of the finishing line. There will be a short hold (approx. 5 min.) in racing after each race for draining and retuning.
11. Trophies
Trophies will be awarded to 1st thru 5th place and AMYA chevrons will be awarded to the top three finishers. In addition, in the Masters group (65 and older) trophies will be awarded to the top two finishers.
12. Changes to Sailing Instructions
Any changes to these Sailing Instructions will be issued during the registration cycle and discussed at the morning skippers meetings.